Product Description

Motion activated, the night light turns on automatically if it detects movement up to 3 m range, plus it turns off after 60 seconds of non-motion. Even more, its light sensor prevents the night light from turning on during daylight hours.

The unit plugs into any standard outlet, and thanks to its energy-efficient LED bulb, it doesn’t emit heat like other night lights, making it a safe, kid-friendly option that stays cool to the touch.

It is a fire-proof material housing, CE Approved.

Do not immerse the flashlight into water or using it in wet condition, it is not waterproof.

With our sleek and stylish design you’ll not only love being able to see at night, you’ll love what you see during the day.

This beautiful light will look great anywhere in your home and it mounts in seconds. No hammers, drills, or tools of any kind required.

Smarssen develops solutions for people and who value incorporating both innovation and functionality into their everyday lives.